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Every Classic Car Has a Story…
Here’s Ours

CLASSIC CARS provides an end-to-end service for selling your
vintage, rare, prestige, classic, unique, or collectable car in Australia. In
fact, we are the only dedicated classic car buying service in Australia,
and we offer a world-class online platform to begin the process of
selling your car.

If you’re looking for a safe, secure, convenient service where everything
is taken care of, choose CLASSIC CARS to buy your classic, rare, or
prestige vehicle. Our trusted industry professionals are passionate,
dedicated, and will offer you the best value for your car.


We know better than anyone that every classic car has a story. It might
have been your Dad’s or your Grandma’s, an old family heirloom or a
classic gem that you discovered by chance. 

CLASSIC CARS began with a passion and reverence for the types of
cars that carry a story. The iconic European classics, the expressive
American muscle cars, and those special vehicles that are etched into
Australia’s history.

CLASSIC CARS was born because we want to see the stories of these
cars continue, and we also want to help you get the best possible price
for yours. Whether you share our passion for unique cars or you just
need someone you can trust to guide you through the process, we are
here for you.

You might have inherited a classic car that you have no use for, or
maybe you’re looking for the best value for your treasured collection.
Whether you’re a private owner, an estate administrator or a car
insurance company, CLASSIC CARS is here for you.

With more than 30 years of industry expertise and 5000+ cars
purchased every year, the capacity and capabilities of our nationwide
buying network are unrivalled. Most importantly, we just love the cars
we buy and we want to provide the best possible experience for you.


Selling Made Easy

Deciding to sell something as unique as a classic car can seem daunting. With CLASSIC CARS, you will be pleasantly surprised at the ease of the process.You will deal with a professional at every step, we can come to you anywhere across Australia, and we take care of everything from paperwork to transfers to pickup in just a few days.

Premium Customer Service

The experts at CLASSIC CARS offer the highest standards of service and complete peace of mind.You will love chaing with our inspectors when they come to see your vehicle. Each member of our team has a genuine enthusiasm for classic cars and an eagerness to make the process as simple and convenient as possible for you.

The Best Possible Price

The car you’re selling might mean the world to you, it might have a history in your family, or it might just be a valuable asset that you’re looking to leverage. We understand all of these approaches. Because CLASSIC CARS is a dedicated service for unique and prestige cars like yours, and because we are all experts in the industry, we can guarantee that the offer we make will represent the best possible price and the true value of your vehicle.

Run by industry experts, CLASSIC CARS offers an end-to-end service
where everything is taken care of. Sell your car anywhere around
Australia and get the best possible price with CLASSIC CARS!

We Buy Classic Cars Australia-Wide!

Sell your car today and get the best possible price within 24-hours.

Sell your car today and get the best possible price within 24-hours.

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